Vision & Mission

Our institution having keen motto of

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    Preparing Leaders for tomorrow.

    Nurturing the students in such an environment which bring the virtue of accepting and facing challenges with a strong base of moral values contributing to Leading Personality with International Standards.

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    Moral and Ethical Values.

    The Moral and Ethical Values which reflects the every aspect of life, nowadays it has become very difficult to implement it in the life of children. By way of Moral and Ethical Values education curriculum we aim to focus on personality and character development of children, close attention to the real needs and concerns of students, preparation of students with the critical thinking and problem-solving skills needed to function successfully in the modern society.

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    Combination of Education.

    A combination of well designed curriculum as per the CBSE standards as well as Islamic Curriculum framed by Islamic Scholars brings high qualities in the students and develop them morally and intellectually which will help throughout their life. This will be a tool of success in this world and the life hereafter.

" Indeed the Real Beauty is of Knowledge and Manners

Education is a fundamental right of each and every human being irrespective of Religion, caste and creed. Islam puts a great emphasis on education right from the lap of the mother.

Education is the development of the human mind .It clears the darkness of our life.It is the third eye of the human beings to see in both the situations the light and the dark.

We all at Al Barkaat are with the mission of Character Building, Purifying Hearts with Moral and Ethical Values and giving environment of Quality Learning with Modern means of Education System.